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Solace for a frostbiten

January 25, 2022
Torchbearer - Solace

The acoustic guitar solo of the Torchbearer - Solace album's title track continues with the insistent vocal pressure, preparing the listener for the frenetic mid-tempo drive of the Frostbite song, which again and again emphasizes its name in the chorus.
The epic guitar solo ends with a furious drum roll, then the vocal part moves to the forefront of the All Out Warfare battle march with the fierce anger of the chorus, continuing to dominate the progressive artistry of the Never Forgive track, complementing the dusky echoes of the torrential anthem with a vocal duet in the chorus sound.
Punching in with an insistent drum beat, the Dopesick song foreshadows its main motif, complete with alternating vocal styles in the vocal part. The Psychosis track injects a furious rhythmic of harsh and meaningful march with vocal dominance.
Quite unexpectedly transforming the album's sounding style the Mekong Delta Blues composition throws an invisible thread, uniting styles and genres in a single musical stream, continuing a similar musical style in the sounding of the Wolves & Sheep (feat. Theresa Vendetta) song, supplemented by participation of a guest artist in witches' tunes of female vocals. The mid-tempo 4 Walls harsh march expands the stylistic scope of the album, combining twilight musical mystery with vocal harshness and concluding the album with the Hail Mary dark anthem.