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So what are we going to invade now?

November 29, 2017
Tori Amos - Native Invader

A lyrical and thoughtful ballad Reindeer King starts Tori Amos - Native Invader album, it envelopes with the extravaganza of emotions in the fog of symphonic musical tunes, emotions about how to get back to you.
Continuing the romantic music Wings brings to the forefront the sound of vocal experiences.
Tough Broken Arrow musical motifs hampers vocal phrases, twirling around them with leisurely concentrated musical whirlwinds. Then the music changes a little, key passages are carried from the mundane fetters to the sky.
The restrained bard saga Cloud Riders then turns into instrumental accompaniment, the vocals are clearly and unquestioningly affirmed in the dominant role, keyboards notes and guitar passages envelop the phrases with a romantic mystery.
Up The Creek brings notes of country and winds from the dried and sun-drenched prairies of the wild west. Then modern and futuristic motifs take us to the vast future of folk music.
Delicate instrumental passages evokes so soft and pacifying Breakaway vocals, which the singing lady calms all sorts of disasters and pacifies the conflicting parties.
Such pensive vocals passages Wildwood goes into mystical spaces, enveloped in mysterious instrumental parts. Tale of wild forests, besieged by untamed plants -that strives to interrupt the journey of the bard lady.
A calm, rhythmic Chocolate Song beginning intro, with something like electric impulses sparks on the background. In the chorus encouraging vocal phrases inspire further accomplishments.
Disturbing thoughts is rolling gloomy wave of doubt, anxiety and restlessness Bang, adjusting the concentration of attention on any adversity.
Climb continues this disturbing symphony, indicating a way to dispel this anxiety and deny any dangers.
The main motive from the first notes dominates in the Bats sound, vocals and instrumental shades complement this picture with newer and newer musical images.
Futuristic musical phrases have combined with a soft, brooding Benjamin melody. What can be dobe without computers in today's world?
Eastern motifs, as if bringing with them a memory of the breath of the dragon, are even more evident in the Mary's Eyes song, then in previous one.
A soft, calm ballad Upside Down 2 softens the perception of the surrounding world, enveloping a cloud of serene tranquility. Wars, battles, disasters - not today.
The voice of the announcer says some numbers - as if I put the marks in the school journal. And in such an atmosphere of continuing education - to the inhabitants of Russia it is more than necessary. Given the fragments of the text, as far as I can tell, this song can be considered as the title one.