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So we begin our story

January 31, 2023
Empresses (SWE) - The Beginning

The child's voice of the brooding girl begins with her story the musical fairy tale of the Empresses (SWE) - The Beginning album, then rolling with enchanting waves of the fascinating On Holy Ground melodic saga, complemented by soft and gentle chants of the singing lady, continuing her charming narrative in the Flower of Battle musical fairy tale, combined with a fascinating musical melody and complemented by harsh background phrases of male vocals.
The fierce sound and vocal part of the Immortals composition shows the ootunes and influence of musical drive, retaining the meloic charm, then driving the rhythmic step of the Intoxication song with industrial shades in the sound and rebellious vocals defiance with echoes of punk rock.
Soft and gentle passages of keyboards and symphonic musical covers envelop the vocal narrative of the Wherever You Go ballad with enchanting musical covers, driving in the significance of the role of the Empress in the existence of the country, the orders and each citizen of her state. The rhythmic musical steps of the Vengeance battle march are combined with vocal reflections that shade the main female vocals with a background singing of male vocals.
And again returning to the narrative of a young girl, the Nightmare story begins the final part of the album, continuing with fierce rolls of persistent drive, twisting guitar riffs into a tangle that push the angry vocal part of the Neverending song, which completes the album with rhythmic bitterness of musical passages and charismatic vocal anger.