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So obscure darkness lies ahead

June 07, 2018
Short Fuse - Our Darkest Future

Far conversations and the growing pulsation of the electronic signal are completed by a powerful wave of a pulsating march, with dark mysterious motives in the background, embodying the introduction of The Madness vocals. The Short Fuse - Our Darkest Future
album's first track adds mystical shades to concentrated drive, supplementing the harsh power with obscure mysterious tunes.
The Crushed vocals develops so mysterious obscure story, enveloping their words with the covers of dark musical darkness. The majestic march of embittered demonic scammers completes the song.
The music becomes even denser, more meaningful - wrapping around the sound of The Burning gloomy solemnity. In the middle of the composition, the vocal is given to reflections in gutural growling.
Keyboard motives bring mystery to the sound of the Our Darkest Future title track, the vocals start with a fascinating harsh, ending the phrase with emotional growling. Then darkness plunges into the abyss, supplementing the grounig with notes of dark stiffness and gloomy depth in the darkness of the vague abyss. But again soft harsh begins the next verse, anticipating melodious passages and bright final.
While retaining the mystic nostrils, but enveloping the wave of drive with futuristic images, Toxic Graveyard combines several shades of growling in the vocal part - putting together a more dense and powerful one with a more nervous with the influence of screaming.
The organ symphony in the introduction betrays the atmosphere of the ancient sanctuary, supplemented with the muted alarm of the church attendants, then Living in Terror develops this melody into a pulsating wave of drive, covered with an obscure cloud of epic key passages coming to the fore in the instrumental bridges and retreating to the background hiding from the vocals.
Returning the album to the mystical limits of the gloomy mysteries Aborted Souls hovers around a dispute of vocal controversy, riding a dark rider of a mystical drive. In the chorus mysterious melody conceals everything with an obscure haze, in the bridges and especially the instrumental dark romantic reverie comes on the composition's forefront.
After the vague haze of the introduction, then embodied in the Demolished main motive, the vocals in the verse accentuate with stubborn confessions, then rushing into unrestrained predictions of furious devastating aftermath.
Mysterious motives are woven together with the dark march, winding up their procession along the path of the Endless Screaming procession. The vocal part complements the growling with cunning jocular words, giving a thievish shade. In instrumental fractures, rogues passages gives an additional mystery to the musical image.
Dire darkness envelops mysterious Haunted musical covers, vocal phrases tend to break away, but in the chorus once again roguish notes creep in with cunning promises, anticipating the gloomy haze of the instrumental bridge.
The furious wave of dark drive unrestrainedly sweeps musical delights, crowning vocal phrases with sparkling keyboard notes, turning in the Terrible Embraces choruses into a thoughtful epic symphony, weaving vocal reflections together with marvelous melodies.
Mysterious mystery mysterious extravaganza envelops Poison Fuel vocal reflections, imparting incredible originality and echoes of cosmic ones to musical images, softening vocal phrases giving them an illusory distinction.
The album concludes Horrific Visions composition by adding even more mysterious mystery into cryptic enveloping haze, combining the vocal style dispute in a gloomy ballad, leaving a clean vocal with a harsh tinge at the forefront of the musical image, supporting his reflections with powerful and confident growling phrases. Music is supplemented by progressive nuances, which give the album a complete artistry.