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So many mysteries concealed in the morning mist

May 02, 2024
Kortirion - Horrors Concealed By Morning Mist

The unhurried Intro (I Awake And Feel The Fell Of Dark) narrative, sounding as if from a distance, wrapped in rustles and muted breeze blows, begins the musical journey of the Dagorlad story, continuing with a pulsating drive that recedes before melodic quests for the way forward, carefully and thoughtfully marching along the instrumental road adhering to the leitmotif line. The twilight mystery of the intro enchants with hazy ghostly speculations woven into the mesmerizing lace of the Cemetery Of Armed Kings musical tale.
Rolling in waves of ghostly obscurity and mystical echoes of unknown charms, the intro of the title track of the Kortirion - Horrors Concealed By Morning Mist album carefully and reliably chooses its path, wrapping ribbons of drive and threads of guitar riffs around the walls of the tunnel that wanders through unknown spaces, augmented by echoes of forgotten fairy tales and chorales of invisible ghosts, combined in a majestic musical creation. The majestic solemnity of melodic musical enchantment weaves together the sparkling threads of a majestic hymn and the bright shades of inspiration and embodiment of valiant feats sung in musical fragments in a single musical canvas of the Battle Of Unnumbered Tears composition, at times accelerating in the swift flight of martial zeal, striving to achieve peace and self-awareness, successfully and impressively embodied by the guitar solo, ending with a solemn march and the enchanting mystery of the Nan Elmoth (Beneath The Stars) musical fairy tale, enveloping the mesmerizing atmosphere of twinkling stars and mystical sparks.
Thoughtfully marching along the mesmerizing path laid out by the Door Of Night leitmotif, the musical variations are woven into a sparkling canvas, rolling along the coming musical path, reaching the romantic mystery of the intriguing Outlasting The Curse musical artwork, basing the reflections of its sound on a mesmerizing guitar solo, acting as an introduction to the twilight mystery of the Isle Of Werewolves musical fairy tale, enveloping everything around with a translucent, partially decayed shawl of saddened guesses and anxious doubts, culminating in the unity of anxious expectations and bold readiness for the coming battles, duels. and trials, embodied in the musical pattern of the Sorrows Peak (Outro) composition, which completes the album with intriguing riddles.