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So grim tales of ashes and dust

June 15, 2022
Dunerider - Ruins (EP)

The cryptic, twilight intro of the composition creates a gloomy atmosphere of vocals reflections, but then the drumbeat introduces the influence of battle march, then the Warlords composition rolls in waves of assertive drive of guitar riffs, introducing a bovity into the atmosphere of the sound of the Dunerider - Ruins (EP) release, but ending with twilight brooding with the return of vocals in the final part.
The main motif of the Sand Walker song persistently, steadily and relentlessly pushes along the chosen path, crowning the crests of musical waves with vocal phrases.
Creating a somber solemnity in the introduction, the music and vocals are then intertwined in the mesmerizing unity of the Death Touch Wizard anthem of solemn darkness.
The rhitmic procession of the Blood Sun composition complements the musical perseverance with vocal confidence in the joint sound.
The Last Surrender song rolls a wave of stable and dense sound, persistently and persistently pushing in the chosen direction with musical passages, occasionally diluting the musical cocktail with vocals phrases. The Ruins title track creates a dark, intriguing atmosphere with unclear and mysterious demonic screams in the background, performing an introduction to the Rebirth album's final track, in which the musical step moves in a solemn gloomy march to selected goals.