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So fading light is flickering among the ruins

October 28, 2019
Crypt Sermon - The Ruins Of Fading Light

The mystical mystery of the The Ninth Templar (Black Candle Flame) composition begins the Crypt Sermon - The Ruins Of Fading Light album with unstoppable waves of severe drive, bringing vocal experiences to the front edge of the musical image. Further, the Key Of Solomon main motive, manifesting itself already in the introduction, elevates the majestic banners of the epic anthem, saluting and praising the legends of the past.
Inspirational whirlwinds of restrained drive elevate emotional vocal reflections to the top of the Our Reverend's Grave musical image, weaving a bewitching lace of musical passages around their epic narrative. The enchanting tunes of the forest elf flute create a bewitching mystery of the Epochal Vestiges epic symphony, continuing and developing into an instrumental track, that serves as the intro of the Christ Is Dead, that is gloomily and leisurely rolling out the malleable musical canvas of a saddened gloomy legend. The gloomy motives of the introduction continue the The Snake Handler composition, further preserving the twilight veils, pumping the trends of restrained drive, slightly accelerating the tempo and giving emotional shades to the song using the vocal part.
Rain and bad weather become a foggy background for the Oath Of Exile guitar fingering, ending with the stories of the ancient sage, who precedes the rhythmic slamming of a tambourine and the charming sound of a flute and lute, intertwining the Enslave The Heathens epic symphony of folklore motifs. These bewitching melodic suites appear as an introduction to the Beneath The Torchfire Glare song, enveloping the saddened thoughts of the vocals with viscous and gloomy covers of the triumph of darkness and despair. Title track The Ruins Of Fading Light completes the album, returning to the bewitching folklore and medieval motifs and acoustic chime of strings. But the introduction of vocals is preceded by a majestic symphony of the ghostly orchestra and the tunes of invisible choirs, culminating in the enchanting unity of the twilight atmosphere, mesmerizing melody and emotional vocal phrases.