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Snakes and reptiles are an important element of fairy tales

August 18, 2020
Helzgloriam - Decapitated Mystics Of The Serpent

Drum solo intertwines with string tunes, bringing in a chime reminiscent of balalaika strings, then complementing the Sohor musical picture with background wordless chants oriental motives. The sound of distant winds and the vocal tunes of a singing lady bringing in the spicy influences of oriental folklore continue the Helzgloriam - Decapitated Mystics Of The Serpent album, enveloping in the majestic sound of the Gorgan Wall solemn anthem, complemented by a harsh scream growling. A soft guitar solo develops in combination with the epic sound of the Humanoid composition, combining the solemnity of musical passages with the majesty of vocal narration.
Beginning with a pulsating mid-tempo march, the Farahvang then hardens the sound into an unbridled musical thriller. A keyboard solo brings the charm of classical music, then blends in the Invisible Tower Of Death epic saga with vocal fury, combined with a stream of drive and inspirational symphony. The Scaphism explodes in a furious whirlwind of unbridled drive. enveloping the harsh axis of the main motive with twilight guitar riffs and deepening the vocal sound.
Female melodies and exciting passages of wind instruments captivate with oriental motives, continuing in the epic narration of guitar riffs, accelerating the pace with the introduction of the Tesifon vocals, wrapping vocal invocations with progressive embodiment of folk motifs woven in symphonic lace. The harsh but charming drive of the Aeon Of Achamenid composition raises the vocal part to the crest of the wave of musical sound, combining these elements in a symphony that captivates with harsh grandeur. The Fosil concludes the album with the rebellious mood of an unbridled musical thriller. But the introduction of the vocals holds back the musical thrust, marching in the significance of a mid-tempo march, complemented by the keyboard symphony of instrumental bridges. These elements complete the composition and album, combined in a single musical stream.