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Smashing the usual order into dust

February 12, 2021
Pounder - Breaking the World

The epic thoughtfulness of the guitar solo of the Spoils of War intro invokes the ancient heroic sagas, but then the guitar passages are intertwined with vocal invocations in a playful dance, bringing in the spirit of inspirational drive. In the chorus, the main vocals are complemented by the backing vocals of the rest of the group, preceding a bright guitar solo. The title track continues the Pounder - Breaking the World album, starting with the pulsing combat of percussion and bass guitar solo, then crowning the main theme with guitar solos and vocal inspiration. But after a bright guitar solo, the vocal part appeals to some acceleration of the musical canvas, crowning it with its inspiration.
Musical whirlwinds merge with vocal phrases in an inspiring spiral of the Hard Road to Home musical stream, taking the listener into the vastness of an unforgettable adventure. The keyboard solo sets the artistic mood for the Never Forever intro, continuing with sparkling guitar passages and charismatic vocals proclamations.
The vocal part comes to the fore of the sound of the Hard City composition, again and again accentuating the name in the chorus. The vocals remain at the forefront of the Give Me Rock sound, lightening stylistic nuances and bringing in a touch of 80s glam rock. Whirlwinds of guitar solo entwine the fast-paced drum drive and vocal proclamations of the Deadly Eyes album's final song.