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Sky grants freedom in an incredible flight

March 12, 2020
Lazuli (FRA) - Le Fantastique Envol De Dieter Bohm

Mysteriously braiding vocal phrases with musical passages in a bewitching dance Sol begins the Lazuli (FRA) - Le Fantastique Envol De Dieter Bohm album with a leisurely musical narration. Then a singing lady comes to the forefront of the Les Chansons Sont Des Bouteilles A La Mer musical image, introducing notes of romantic obscurity and foggy intrigue.
After the mysterious twilight of the introduction, Mers Lacrymales flies away into the sparkling limits of dreams, sometimes soaring with vocal phrases over the annoying routine and charming with musical romanticism. After an intriguing introduction, the Dieter Bohm title track brings the vocal part to the forefront, intertwining it with the musical passages of the chorus in an artistic waltz. The instrumental part is intriguing by an eclectic mystery.
Bird singing and gentle vocal phrases surrounds with the Baume bewitching romance, after which Un Visage Lunaire returns to the leitmotif of the concept album, taking the thoughts and perceptions to the limits of incredible dreams. L'envol instrumental passages captivates with sparkling vortices of progressive musical artistry, enveloping with lace of bewitching melody, weaving together guitar and keyboard passages.
Bringing the vocal part to the forefront of the sound, L'homme Volant twists the vocal phrases with charming and gentle musical shawls, weaving a romantic ballad from them. After the intriguing mystery of the introduction, Dans Les Mains De Dieter ends the album, emphasizing its leitmotif again and again.