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Sins and righteousness are sometimes the same

November 02, 2018
Recycle To The Soil - Martyrs of SIN

The Cannibal main motive immediately rolls with stubborn pressure, vocal phrases complement its persistence and harsh temper, but instrumental bridges complement the first composition of the Recycle To The Soil - Martyrs of SIN album with influences of epicity and the mystery of mysterious romanticism.
Solo bass guitar creates a majestic atmosphere, rolling waves of solemn Urban Warfare anthem. The vocals complement the inspired majesty of the legends, the instrumental solos somewhat speed up the pace of the narration. Cerebral Torture develops an epic narrative in the harsh wave of a mid-tempo drive, surrounded first by nervous vocal confessions, then entrain in the abyss of furious dense and hard sound. In the instrumental part, the music accumulates power and energy in a fascinating, incredibly melodic guitar solo, then sweeping up the pace and being carried away in an unrestrained outburst of anger and rage, then returning to the chosen style of the beginning.
The introduction and chorus anticipate the fight with the evil embodied in the demonic appearance returning to the mystery of casting out demons in the Exorcism composition chorus.
Using the blues style Frost puts it on the solid death metal armor, effectively and impressively embodying the unity of such contrasting styles of music. Rolling the waves of the rhythmic march Dead Silence stubbornly marches along the chosen path, then pumping up the condensation of the rhythmic component and vocal phrases. Accentuating the name of the composition over and over again, vocal phrases gather together the dense twilight of a leisurely composition. The title track Martyrs of SIN continues the album with a dense, stubborn and majestic sound, starting with an epic march, then the vocals reveal the composition cards, complementing the sound with new and new shades. Leisurely anticipating the final album composition, the title prefers the epic significance of unrestrained drive. Massacre ends the album with a mid-tempo furious drive, tightening the vocals and calling on the background music in the hall at the upcoming concerts to give all their strength to slam, power and the wall of death.