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Sinners destined to remain in perdition forever and ever

March 19, 2018
Empyrean Eclipse - Perdition

The viscous fog of the pre-dawn haze wraps in the stiff chains of the instrumental intro Deeper into Madness, majestically and leisurely opening the gates of the Empyrean Eclipse - Perdition album, anticipating a wave of dark drive Feast of Plagues. This composition envelops the dark charm of a screaming screech and vocals grueling, alternating rushing racing of uncontrollable drive and screaming vocals with important and meaningful reflections of the growling. From time to time, arguing vocal parts are woven together in a majestic duet.
Guitar passages weave the lace of a romantic motif, developing it into a thoughtful melodic break, raising a whirlwind of sparkling notes, ending Celephais intro as majestic anthem, with the introduction of the vocal pumping pace with dark prophecies with certainty, completing the composition is similar to the introduction.
The fierce uncontrollable wave of the Carnal Iniquity's Arms main motive captures everything around, capturing in an unrestrained musical drive, alternating the scrambling and growling vocals in verses, combining them into a proud and majestic chorus. The instrumental part turns to romantic acoustics, ending with a majestic hymn with a vocal duet combining screaming and growling, ending with a furious race of impetuous drive.
Brightly and sublimely develops the epic saga, combining in a sparkling lace a few melodious musical streams and alternating vocal stylistics. In the chorus, the Nightfall composition is transformed into a meaningful confident hymn, culminating in a growing drive, combining fierce threshing with deep growling.
Screaming and growling vocals immediately weave in a bright duet, then alternate their parts with the corresponding accompaniment in Resigned to Darkness track's music.
Screaming and growling vocals argue, as if screaming asks questions and growling responds to them, wisely and important summing up the rapid musical passages, confidently and meaningfully summing up the results of Revelations Made Flesh discussion.
A tranquil, calming musical dusk begins the longest composition of album Vae Victus, continuing with a grand dark temptation a melodic introduction. Then a dark mist is carried away in rapid passages, weaving into vague impressive musical passages, enveloping vocal phrases with a ghostly spectacle of unimaginable temptations. Distorted, mysterious words complete the composition and the entire album.