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Sinners are in eternal despair

October 02, 2021
Die (USA) - Finis Paratum

The Test intro's bright guitar solo sparkling musical melodism opens the gates for the musical narration of the Die (USA) - Finis Paratum album, then alternating thoughtful romantic fragments with cuts of the dark grandeur of the solemn anthem, complementing such an alternation of musical contrasts by vocals diversity, alternating a dreamy clean vocal with a harsh and deep growling vocal.
Continuing the medium-type musical procession with a powerful and significant rogue vocal in the checkout, the Orbital song in the chorus it complements the mysterious thoughts of pure vocals, sometimes retreating the depth and drive of musical sound.
Long-term preparation by instrumental intro creates the basis for further vocal diversity and the fascinating musical atmosphere of the Despair No Distraction composition.
The guitar solo of entry indicates the path of development of the Haunt Me No More song's leitmotif, then complementing the mysteriousness of the musical atmosphere of sacramental vocal chants. Then the confident significance of the groting of vocals complements the development of vocal diversity, separating the grovling vocals with the help of the vocal party's supplement notes of restrained screaming vocals. The Kindled by Sinners track completes the musical narrative of the album, starting with the exciting vortex of the guitar solo, then combining in the fascinating dance with vocals phrases and in the middle of the composition retreating before the acoustic guitar solo of the instrumental part.