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Sincerely and inesently sounds true truth

July 07, 2021
Tarja - In The Raw

The Dead Promises (Feat. Bjorn Strid) intro whirls into a whirlwind of unrestrained drive, but then the union of male and female vocals is intertwined in a romantic dance. But sometimes the drive comes back with the ferocity of the male vocals. The Goodbye Stranger (Feat. Cristina Scabbia) composition continues the Tarja - In The Raw album's musical narration, starting with the rolling waves of a viscous march, then combining two female vocals in a mesmerizing duet. Tarja's vocals come to the forefront of the Tears In Rain musical image, supported by the background vocal. Instrumental fragments bring a touch of unrestrained drive.
Musical passages envelops the vocal reflections of the Railroads song with veils of mystery, enchanting with the unhurried symphony of the musical atmosphere. The You And I romantic ballad complements the vocal tenderness with a soft chime of inspiring piano notes. The Golden Chamber (Awaken - Loputon Yo - Alchemy) continues and develops a symphonic atmosphere, bringing the vocal part closer to opera sonatas, captivating into the world of dreams and enchanting with golden vocal shades.
The Spirits Of The Sea epic saga rolls over in waves of mournful symphony, complementing the vocal reflections of the lady storyteller with impressive musical artistry. The narration of the male vocals sets the path for the development of the musical path of the Silent Masquerade (Feat. Tommy Karevik) song, then complements and combines the male and female vocals in an enchanting dance of musical romance. The Serene singing lady, supported by the background male vocals, draws you into the sparkling expanses of ghostly imagination. The Shadow Play finishes the album with the enchanting sound of a mesmerizing musical fairy tale, intertwining a musical symphony with vocal charm in an artistic waltz.