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Simulacrum of true origins

February 13, 2021
Simulacrum - Genesis

The Traumatized vocals phrases accentuate their experiences after the futuristic impulses of the intro by retreating with re-variable passages of guitar solos. Hardening the musical sound with a more harsh sound, the Nothing Remains complements the gloomy atmosphere with turns of progressive musical variations, which then wind the vocal part with a tunnel of guitar and keyboard passages, expanding the variety of stylistic frames of the Simulacrum - Genesis album.
By assigning artistic bullets to guitar solos of intro, the Arrhythmic Distortions then builds a compositional structure based on the alternation of vocal tones and styles, complemented by appropriate musical accompaniment. The soft ringing of the guitar strings sets the direction for creating the Like You Like Me bewitching ballad, then supplemented with more and more musical variations, complementing the sound with more and more musical essences. Whirling into a whirlwind of drive into the intro, the Scorched Earth then returns to oriental motives with symphonic keyboard tunes in the background.
he title track makes up a large part of the album and is divided into four chapters - first, the Genesis, Pt. 1 - The Celestial Architect marches in a gloomy procession of a dark anthem, pierced by the sparkling spark of the guitar word and the artistic fractures of the keyboard symphony. Then the sublime symphony of the organ sets the atmosphere for a whirlwind of keyboard passages, but then the symphonic unhurried pensiveness comes to dominate roles in the Genesis, Pt. 2 - Evolution Of Man composition. Further, the Genesis, Pt. 3 - The Human Equation brooding ballad in sublime ascension carries with it a sophisticated narration for reflection and mental exercises, anticipating the final composition of the album Genesis, Pt. 4 - End Of Entropy, in which the essence of human origins is examined in full form, embodying inspired keyboard improvisations, vocal duo and complex rhythmic transformations of the progressive musical component in a long epic saga.