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October 22, 2022
Totally Unicorn - High Spirits//Low Life

Bad weather, the sound of rain precede the mood for the team's readiness for battle on the playing field, combining combative vocals appeals with the persistent rhythmicity of the musical passages of the Yeah, Coach composition, which opens the musical gates of the Totally Unicorn - High Spirits//Low Life album with an unexpected unity of vortices of matkor music with an atmosphere of punk rock musical influence. The Tip Your Tinfoil Hat song continues the atmosphere of music of the 70-80s with the mystical mystery of musical covers, seducing the vocals stories with clouded shades of forgotten tales.
The cough and solo bass of the guitar are woven around a mysterious shette in the introduction of the Old Mate composition, then pushing the vocal part to the forefront of the musical image, preceded by an obscure reverie the assertiveness and pressure of the indefatigable rock'n'roll spirit and energetic drive of the Weekday Warrior composition, highlighting the vocal narrative in the verse, raising vocals phrases in a sparkling musical whirlwind to the top of the musical flow in the chorus, continuing the vivid musical narrative in a long and varied musical narrative of the High Spirits//Low Life album's title track, bringing to the musical narrative shades of southern rock, wild west and country music.
Returning to the energetic drive, The Catch composition weaves from music and vocals a fascinating musical stream, enchanting, fascinating and captivating with unexpected musical discoveries and rethinking of stylistic features, continuing in the sound of the Fri(ends) musical artwork fascinating musical experiments, complemented by vocal emotionality.
Confidently, persistently and indisputably the vocal part is brought to the forefront of the Trust Fund Glee musical image, captivating with angry rebellious appeals to changes in the existing system and the established order, voicing the defeat in the Not Winning final composition of the album, but setting up a readiness for further defiance, in no case to retreat and not to give up.