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She had a name

December 19, 2020
Domination (ARG) - My Name Is Alice (EP)

As the introduction to the Domination (ARG) - My Name Is Alice (EP) album, the sound of the Iced Revenge composition reveals dialogue and teachings, in which mysterious omens are partially hidden.
Then, in the introduction of the Run (Go Away) song, oriental motives come to the forefront of the musical image, then solemnly marching in a progressive march with an inspired vocal hymn of solemn significance. then from time to time the guitar solos burst in with sparkling additions to the vibrant musical essence.
Slightly accelerating the tempo of the sound, the Nymphomaniac track builds up the spirit of drive, but the vocal part complements the sound with inspiration and melodicism, alternating impetuous fragments with a mid-tempo significance.But then a romantic atmosphere rises into the sound of the song, combined with an inspired procession of vocal phrases.
Rolling with a harsh mid-tempo march with symphonic notes from the keyboard suite, the No More Toys composition concludes this release with epic melodism, complemented by the furious rebellion of vocal anger.