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Shape and sense are linked by an invisible thread

August 25, 2020
Processor - Shapeshifter

The title track starts the Processor - Shapeshifter album with an unbridled drive of the main motive, combined with a mesmerizing vocal unity. Then the vocals are transformed by the inspiration of clean vocals, combined with the triumph of musical melodism that lifts the flags of epic greatness. Entering the mesmerizing melody of a guitar solo, the Black Mold complements the album's sublime reflections with epic notes, starting the vocal storyteller's narrative with a growling entwined with notes of sparkling guitar sound. But then the song explodes into a whirlwind of furious musical thriller.
Intriguing with the brooding grandeur of the introduction, the Into Oblivion is then carried away by a fickle vocal narration into a swift whirlwind of mystical revelations. The Living in a Casket continues the development of the epic theme, starting with a stern procession of a gloomy march, then developing a melodic component with more and more new shades. Spicy memories of the Hivemother (Swarm of Ishtar) ancient fairy tales are embodied in oriental motives of the guitar solo of the introduction, then complementing the epic musical proclamations with harsh vocal phrases intertwined in dance with musical passages.
After a whirlwind of guitar solo, the Damage Fuck is running away in a fast-paced race of unrestrained musical thriller, entwined with threads of enchanting melodic guitar passages. The unification of the mysterious artistry of musical variations and the violent emotionality of vocal rebellion carries away into the Crewing the Earthdrill bewitching mystery of musical surprises. The appeal of a distant voice and soft musical romanticism begin the final composition of the album (Der laplace'sche) Damon with a thoughtful ballad, then developing the motives given by the introduction into the unity of melody and power.