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Shake the mind changes the world

April 11, 2021
Bradley, Bob - Earthquake

The pulsating heartbeat bass bass guitar asks the main motive of the musical sound of the Can't Keep Me Down song, again and again focusing the "Superhuman" word in the chorus, starting the Bob Bradley -Earthquake album with energetic alternation of rhythmic pulsations notching bass guitar and vocal part and inspired ascension of the sense in the chorus.
The I'll Be Your Slave romantic ballad combines muffled sorts of southern rock with vocal mystery in the atmosphere of twilight mystery. Energetic and persistently the Blackjack combines the features of the sound of modern music with the echoes of the adventures of the wild west and spicy trends of hot prairies.
Withdrawing the existing vocal phrases to the foreground of the musical image, the Earthquake title track unites the recitative, which is typical of the rap music with rhythmic pulsations in the style of harsh blues. The whirlwind of guitar solo wraps vocal phrases, fascinating in the In My Blood expanses of unclear dreams and mysterious musical artistry.
Vigorously and vividly the You Can Make It song returns to the musical atmosphere of the 70-80x years of the last century, which is the banners of the emotional sensuality of the vocal squeezes. The Bring It Home elapses musical sound and compacts instrumental variations with the persistent vocal deployment of the final album composition.