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Shadows of the past appears as a ghostly haze

March 11, 2020
Gothic Sky - Тени Прошлого

A whirlwind of symphonic variations precedes the introduction of Desperado vocals, alternating and interwoven growling, harsh and screaming. But then the lady of mercy supplements her thoughts with the vocal part. The guitar solo anticipates the Сон emotional appeal of the singing lady, but then the previously defined vocal variations continues the Gothic Sky - Тени Прошлого album at the top of a more driven musical narration. The Тени Прошлого title track's vocals become hardened in their screams, musical passages complement this alarm with their variations.
The romantic beginning sets the mood for reflection, but then the Над Пропастью vocals again and again vary its direction. The melting Вспомнить Всё symphony of distant chorales ends with a vocal recitative, which together with musical passages weaving together such different musical styles. The romantic beginning sets the mood for Ночь Слёз reflection, but then the vocals again and again vary their narrative. The В Тишине vocals come to the forefront of the musical narrative, then musical trends surround it with the covers of mysterious musical variations.
Broken Довольно Слов vocals despair braided by strings of musical lace carries the listener into the abyss of despair. Playful Зимний Сад dancing intertwine 80s pop music in the presentation of this band. The Молитва к Звёздам majestic hymn inspired by chivalrous sagas completes the album.