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Shadows disappear at midnight

December 05, 2020
Bone Spirit - Lux Tenebris I: Shadow Harvest

Slowly rolling the waves of the musical march, the I begins the musical narration of the Bone Spirit - Lux Tenebris I: Shadow Harvest concept album with a meaningful mid-tempo anthem. The II continues the musical fairy tale, keeping the musical style, but complementing the musical image with an epic canvas of guitar solo and vocal emotionality.
Bursting into a bright whirlwind of sparkling guitar solo of the intro, the III song then returns to a mid-tempo parade filled with meaning and epic severity. Then guitar solos bring echoes of medieval sagas into the sound. Rapidly accelerating the pace of sound, the IV is pumping furious waves of frenzied musical thriller, crushing the obstacles of its musical rush.
Returning to the epic narrative of mystical mystery, the V maintains musical swiftness, twisting vocal phrases into guitar solos. The muted reverie of an acoustic guitar solo begins the final composition of the album VI, then the electric guitar solo develops the motives given by the introduction into a mid-tempo guitar solo with oriental shades.