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Shadows are coming true

July 17, 2022
Kardashev - The Baring of Shadows

Dreamy musical charm envelops the listener in a veil of brooding romanticism, which then manifests unhurried dreamy reflections of pure vocals, enchanting with a sublime atmosphere and complemented by a harsh growling in the charm of the A Frame. A Light symphonic atmosphere, revealing the sparkling charm of the musical book of the Kardashev - The Baring of Shadows album. But the eclipse growling is brought to the forefront of the musical image, combining in a single musical narrative in a joint part with clean vocals, then again retreating to the background.
But then the music and vocals indulge in an angry ascension and the embodiment of primordial rivalry in progressive musical artstism and first putting forward musical variations on the pre-plan of the Snow-Sleep composition, but then the spiritualized tunes of the vocals will regain their significance in the final part.
Weaving the symphonic charm of myzycal lace, the artistic diversity of the Torchpassing song is complemented by vocal transformations, complemented by fascinating musical variations and stylistic search.
Putting forward the vocal part on the pre-plan of the musical image, the Heartache composition weaves a fascinating musical canvas of the majestic anthem.
The final chapter of the album is only the instrumental component of its compositions, A Frame. A Light (Instrumental), Snow-Sleep (Instrumental), Torchpassing (Instrumental) and Heartache (Instrumental), which allows the music to flow only on progressive musical artistry, without being distracted by the influence of the vocal part on the sound of the musical material.