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Shadowless is always everywhere and nowhere

October 21, 2021
Portrait (SWE) - At One With None

After the intriguing intro, the title composition of the Portrait (SWE) - At One With None album is rolling with the waves of impurities, which has vocal phrases on the crests of the epic procession, transformed into the twilight hymn in the chorus. The Curtains (The Dumb Supper) song slightly accelerates the pace of sound, while maintaining the synthesis of the musical drive.
Persistently and syndarrowing in the twilight mystery of the mid-tempo march, the Phantom Fathomer composition gives mysteriousness by vocal transfigurations. Swirling with a violent swirl of intro's guitar solo, the He Who Stands song is then again and again varies and transforms the music temp.
The intriguing guitar solo of the intro is charming with so melodic artisttry, the ease continued in the development of musical motives and asking the path of the Ashen main motive. A Murder Of Crows song song flies by the rapid swirl of a fierce drive, in the chorus somewhat reducing the pace for mysterious thoughts.
Bright and inspired by the melodious charm of the leitmotif, the Shadowless composition fascinates with so inspired artistry. The Gallow's Crossing soft ballad start inspires to listen to the charming melody of the song, krowned by shimmering keyboards symphony. The Blood Is The Life (Bonus Track) and Farewell To The Flesh (Bonus Track) summarize the album's musical narrative.