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Shades that are hovering between good and evil

June 01, 2022
James LaBrie - Beautiful Shade Of Grey

Unhurried and artistic musical reflections begin the musical story of the James LaBrie - Beautiful Shade Of Grey album with hasty reflections on the Devil in Drag composition, then singing the ideal of female beauty in the sound of the SuperNova Girl ballad, continuing the romantic and sensual reflections in the brooding atmosphere of the Give and Take and Sunset Ruin songs.
The twilight mystery of the musical covers and the vocals assertiveness of the verses culminate in a musical ascension in the Hit Me Like a Brick chorus, developing in the inspired atmosphere of the sound of the Wildflower composition.
The Conscience Calling chorales with spiritual undertones set the atmosphere for the final segment of the album, acting as an introduction to the pensive sound of the What I Missed song, combining vocals reflections with a piano solo.
The vocals charm of the Am I Right ballad draws you into the realms of dreams and illusory reflections of imaginary temptations, continuing with the acoustic romance of the Ramble On composition, combining vocal artistry with the chime of guitar strings. A reinterpretation and reworking of the album's first composition, Devil in Drag (Electric Version), sounds as its final chord.