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Serpents only lies! There's no other way!

February 14, 2017
Crowbar - The Serpent Only Lies

Confidently, clearly and firmly sounds statement - Crowbar - The Serpent Only Lies , otherwise maybe you have tested them more?
Sticky, gloomy melodies embody the despair and sadness in viscous riffs Falling While Rising. Then, the music explodes with impressive blow by the vocal coming darkness and the terrible images that introduces the lyrics.
Pulsing Plasmic And Pure heartbeat rhythm, extolling the anxious wait for the next level - embodying them in nervous vocal passages radiating rays of desperation and frustration. But the wonderful guitar solo inspired to continue the perception of the dark mist, continuing inspired vocal passage to emit hope.
Carried on the wings of the clouds, carrying a lightning guns in their hands - so, looking down on ordinary people, to declare I Am The Storm! And to repeat that statement more and more!
Wonderful melody envelops with the warm guitar riffs, warming from the inside to allow Surviving The Abyss. And this memorable beautiful guitar passages envelops as comfortable leitmotif of the entire composition.
Tough and aggressive starting, in a destructive manner, moving towards the title track The Serpent Only Lies, to the chorus and gently instructive to repeat the calm and gentle phrases - that other can not be expected from them. These statements covers with soothing mist before the next rush of insanity and finishes the whole song.
Quick sharp harsh drive carries The Enemy Beside You story to reflections in stringy chorus before the next mad rush.
Embrace The Light stretches as viscous dark mist, and then the vocals introduces bright notes by its delicate phrases. Further gloomy haze alternates and punctuated by enlightenments.
Nice melodic ballad of intro turns into the proud step with the glorious banner of unbeaten road On Holy Ground. But the gloomy fog constrains movement, darkening shades of sound.
Desert Winds carry hot sand, not changing over the years and centuries, filling the emptiness of deserted spaces - thoughtful reflections formed in Song Of The Dunes, reflective calm ballad.
Sadness completes highly viscous oppressive embodiment As I Heal, completing the album thoughtful reflections on the fate of the world.