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Sense of his ride on - that's rebellion against the titans

June 01, 2016
Iron Savior - Titancraft

Iron Savior - Titancraft - shut the gates of the castle, surrounded by intrusive sounds from all directions - get used to be Under Siege. After a short introduction, slamming gates thoughts gaining magnitude and accelerated incredibly.
Titancraft, title track begins with rapid lively riff, vocal enters unhurried but it not slowing down the pace of the track. The story of the creation of the Titans should be listened carefully and properly perceived, not otherwise! Therefore, almost at the end part contains slow confession.
Army of monsters are marching, people want to summon the hero, which can find the Way of the Blade for his sabre, sword or battle axe. People are looking for ways to call this hero quickly hurrying, vigilantly and unrestrained. Is it important for them - he is from Paradise or Hell? Very much!
Seize the Day, don't be afraid of tomorrow. Rhythmic, lively and quick composition encourages to live for today without thinking about any future cases!
Horse gallop and the sound of the shot, after which Gunsmoke starts in mid pace, clear and simple rhythm, takes us in time of war, prepared for the fact - that the connection between the death and the gunsmoke obvious! Song ends by something of a western - country, shot, bell
Beyond the Horizon - the rhythmic pattern hardened like rose with its thorns. But music is not embittered, vocal quite fun and it is unlikely that its tale was sad and sorrowful.
Crisp, monotonous drums, ordinary music leads to the obvious thought - The Sun Won't Rise in Hell. Suffice expected, predictable music runs the entire length of the track.
Acceleration, excitement and exasperation point that is absolutely necessary Strike Down the Tyranny. More fury, power and speed compared to the previous song, the rebels seek to achieve goals despite obstacles!
Brother in Arms sing about his hard destiny, in the world of machines. Ballad about - "one for all and all for one"!
Lyrical entry performed by guitar and keyboards, then vocals said I Surrender and this grim, melancholy ballad continues on his way to break into our hearts - sweet and sad.
The rhythm reminiscent of a horse's gait starts the Rebellious story with its pace. Biography of the one who is born to rebel against all the usual order and generally accepted morals.