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Seeming at times so exciting

January 14, 2021
Thrown into Exile - Illusion Of Control

After an intriguing introduction, the vocal part moves to the forefront of the Beyond The Grey musical image, drawing the musical variations to follow its insistence and indignation. The Wronged song immediately explodes with the furious rage of unrestrained musical thriller, expanding the musical format of the Thrown into Exile - Illusion Of Control album, then supplementing the musical variations with the progressive realization of the echoes of epic legends.
The Misfortune Follows track, in turn, wraps the listener in a cloak of gloomy obscurity and ghostly mystery, accentuating the rhythmic pulsations of the mid-tempo march with its vocal narration. The Wake Of Fire song rolls in waves of unrestrained drive and pummels a rhythmic procession of its fierce heartbreak, then evoking vocal intransigence and rebellion. The Mourning is pumped with the charm of the vocal part, telling a mysterious tale, and the enchanting guitar solos of the instrumental bridges.
The Edge Of The Unknown track immediately spins the musical flywheel of its sound around the vocal phrases. The Echoes From The Abyss battle march persistently and persistently hammering in the rhythmic sound of its procession.
Viscous, heavy and dusky, as if recalling dark spells from the scrolls of the witch doctors, the Dead Of Winter saga rolls out the musical canvas of a dusky tale. The Hedonist composition surges sharply and swiftly into the storm of a musical thriller. The Lower Self song ends the album with a rhythmic mid-tempo march.