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Seeking for the target for a new journey

November 01, 2021
The Steppas - Journey Of Roads

The saddened vocal reflections of the I-Sight (Come To See) song open the The Steppas - Journey Of Roads album's musical gates with reflections and memories, continuing in a similar style in the sound of the King For A Day, complementing the main vocal with background backing and complementing the sound with echoes of romanticism, developing this direction in the inspired sound of the Come Back Home and Shine On songs.
Beginning with a danceable feast, the Glory track then expands the stylistic framework of the album, complementing the vocal part with recitative and spiritual proclamations of the chorus.
Then the release begins with the guest artists - first the System (Feat. Earthkry) song brings the feeling of memories of former holidays, which brought peace to the soul and fatigue to the body, and then the Sticky Shirt (Feat. Inna Vision) brings the vocal variations to the forefront of the musical image in an inspired and unhurried musical procession.
A guitar solo rolls out the musical canvas of the Rumors main motif, on which the inspired vocal tale marches. The Love's Gonna Shine track brings the vocal part to the forefront of the musical narrative. Echoes of the title track are evident in the Journey song's title, combining music and vocals in a mesmerizing dance of twilight mystery, ending vocal phrases with passages of wind instruments. The Prayer acoustic ballad concludes the album with a unity of vocal reflection supported by the piano.