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Seeking for purity to rise again

September 22, 2022
Mighty Wraith - Elegies

The melodic charm of To Fall and Rise Again intro complements the rhythmic tread of the rhythm section with mesmerizing guitar solos, anticipating the melodic essence of the The Mighty Wraith - Elegies album, continuing with the fast-paced chase of the Bridge to Betrayal composition, whirlwinds of guitar riffs around the vocal phrases, complementing the charm of the main vocals with the background support of furious screaming.
The guitar solo of the intro prepares the foundations of the Face in the Mirror main motive, then takes over the duties of the leitmotif of this musical composition.
The intriguing musical variations of the intro anticipate the captivating narrative of the Deceitful Intentions epic saga, uniting music and vocals in a captivating canvas of memories of valiant heroes and their deeds, hardening the musical sound for a waves of rebellious drive and militant sound of musical pressure and vocal perseverance of the Tyrants' Demise song, then musical charm of the Seasons of Sorrow ballad enveloping the vocals story with soft melodic veils, captivating melodic artistry of the guitar solo of the instrumental part.
Starting with a militant pressure of restrained drive, the Momentum composition combines several stylistic trends in a single musical stream, exacerbating the militant sound and the importance of harsh vocals in the sound of the Purity song. The guitar solo of the intro weaves the musical lace of the main motive, then wrapping the vocal part of the Witching Hour composition with sparkling musical threads, anticipating the significance of the guitar riffs of the Crossing Over in ballad-like charm with instrumental guitar solo complemented by enigmatic vocals phrases of the album's final track.