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Seeds of decay

May 01, 2022
E-L-R - Vexier

The twilight mystery of the musical motifs anticipates the further development of the Opiate the Sun musical composition, then wraps around the rhythmic march of the musical fairy tale of the E-L-R - Vexier album and complements the instrumental variations with background vocal chorales with folkloric influences. The water dripping from the ceiling of the cave slowly and mysteriously puts an end to this musical chapter.
Exploding with drive in the introduction, the Three Winds epic symphony of the eclipse returns to the folk style and echoes of the medieval sagas, even more confidently, richly and significantly developing these musical motifs in the musical canvas of the Seeds composition, complementing the mid-tempo musical procession with the background mystery of vocals chorales.
Persistently, meaningfully and carefully following the path of the main motif, the Fleurs of Decay epic march raises the banners of the valiant anthem with echoes of the exploits of legendary heroes, entwined with sparkles and echoes of twilight sorrow for past losses. In the final part of the composition, the female vocals of the singing lady are brought to the forefront of the musical image. The Foret final composition of the album continues to develop its musical style, expanding the variability of the sound and diversifying the vocal part by complementing the male vocals and bringing new shades to the musical palette.