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See and admire our ascension!

June 10, 2022
We Are Legend - Rise Of The Legend

The inspired vocal narrative of the Hungry Mirrors song begins the musical narrative of the We Are Legend - Rise Of The Legend album, emphasizing and attaching importance to the vocal part, then after the intriguing introduction of the This Holy Dark composition, the music explodes with an angry stream of unrestrained drive that will pacify the pensive vocal narrative, giving way to the frantic buzzing of the guitar solo of the Enemy Within intro, which is then transformed again and again into a different musical sound with vocals changes.
The Birth Of The Legend vocals speech acts as a trigger for a symphonic introduction, anticipating the ascension of the musical banners of the Rise Of The Legend album's title song, in which all its musical features and vocal shades are considered in a solemn procession inspired by its own significance and importance.
Preparing in the reflections of the verse for the ascension of the bright musical sound of the God Is Dreaming song captivates and fascinates with its variations. But the dark drive of the introduction ends with a symphonic keyboard suite, then progressively alternating and changing various musical styles in the sound of the Out composition.
After the intriguing rise of the Only Time Can Tell musical tale mysteriously spins the tape of the main motif, again and again emphasizing its name in the final chorus. Rhythmically and tightly hammering in the introduction, the March Of The Living composition then brings to it artistic and impressive variations, artistically and meaningfully completing the album.