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August 15, 2020
Curses (USA) - Chapter I: Introspect

Harshly rolling in musical disdain the Death Adder complements the fury of harsh scream growling with emotional appeals. But then the Curses (USA) - Chapter I: Introspect album develops its sound with emotional tunes of clean vocals. The Abandoned rage and sound complement the musical narration, making it easier to perceive with clear vocals. Broken musical essence intertwines in a leisurely dance with the Outlast vocals fury.
The mid-tempo Fortune Collapse (feat. Spencer Sotelo) pulsations of the progressively complex rhythmic essence harden the Miss Misery vocal part, then explode with progressive kinks at the intersection of the vocal part's screaming and growling, then raising the The Lowest Level of Loyalty banner of clean vocals.
Fierce musical severity the Hollowed Eyes blows up dark waves. The A Dark Descent harsh drive of musical passages envelops the vocal part i n a tunnel of unrestraint. The Ghost 40 is starting with a rhythmic mystery topped with a guitar solo the then subdues the sound to vocal exhilaration, the Nightmares completes the album, complementing the expectations of a mid-tempo drive.