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Secrets will always remain in the creation of the universe

January 26, 2020
Raventale - Planetarium

Crushing the unstoppable power of prejudice and doubt, the Gemini - Behind Two Black Moons walks with the banners of bewitching melodies, captivating with the captivating sound of guitar shades of the main motive, then combining them with deep vocal growling in such a bewitching musical charm. Listening to this song definitely captivates to further listening to the Raventale - Planetarium entire album!
After the final melodic thoughts, Bringer Of Celestial Anomalies at first continues the album with an explosion of concentrated drive, but then majestically marches in a proud march, preserving the echoes of the leitmotif and captivating the listener with the grandeur of starlight and the boundless expanses of the universe.
Severely pulsating with a stubborn march At The Halls Of The Pleiades rolls in waves of majestic significance, uncontrollably promoting the inspired charm of the thoughtfulness of the main motive, crowned by the mesmerizing sound of a guitar solo. Then a pacifying guitar solo pushes away and dispels anxieties and doubts, flickering pride in acquired and saved knowledge. The bewitching passages of instrumental fragments envelop an impressive atmosphere of inspired charm.
The final composition of the album New World Planetarium begins with a long and thoughtful introduction entwined with strings of guitars reflections and preceding the development of the motives for joining the main motive of the composition, bewitching the listener and then opening the gate to a restrained drive, preserving the majestic melody in the background. The wise man’s thoughts completes the composition and album.