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Secrets and mysteries of magic accessible only for the chosen

January 03, 2018
Elvenking - Secrets of the Magick Grimoire

Bright incarnations of fairy-tale motives Invoking the Woodland Spirit bring us the history of ancient legends, returning to the sparkling cover of the main motif again and again, starting the Elvenking - Secrets of the Magick Grimoire album, which will consist of a variety of tales and legends.
Power and harsh reflections are embodied in a powerful Draugen's Maelstrom introduction, creating confidence in further development. Then the fairytale motive precedes the anxious pensive vocal reflections, then again embodies the introduction, echoing the melody reminiscent of the previous composition, vocals combines clean style on the fore and growling at the background. This phrase ends with a phrase of growling vocals.
The medieval procession of valiant knights The One We Shall Follow is sung by bards and squires, following along the edges of this proud procession.
A wonderful and fascinating melody creates a magical atmosphere of ancient myths The Horned Ghost and the Sorcerer, ending with a mysterious mix of elven melodies, flutes and tunes.
Even more intense storm of the elements raises the A Grain of Truth experience to a new level, the vocals are manifested by the emotional spirit in sensual musical armor, then the growling complements the experiences of dreamy emotional clean vocal.
After a brief, rapid introduction, a romantic ballad The Wolves Will Be Howling Your Name based on bardic song tales shrouds in romantic experiences, although it seems as if it hurries to tell his story before a grand cataclysm, remaining at an average pace until the chorus.
Significant proud motives 3 Ways to Magick begin with a rapid intro, then uniting the sage's directions, echoed by the choir of disciples and adepts, followed by the meditations of the lord about the destinies of his lands and peoples.
The frost and sparkling snowdrifts in the Straight Inside Your Winter intro gives the desire to throw off the covers of frost, then turns up by the fireplace turns the music into a leisurely romantic ballad. But the haste to get rid of the chilling veins of frost returns again, and again stops with soft meditations and violin passages.
Waves of energetic drive and swift decisions changes with the rigid motives with muffled phrases of pensive reflections caused by the mystery and incomprehensibility of The Voynich Manuscript sections for all who are not chosen keepers of the scrolls of this knowledge.
In the usual manner for a given musical style, Summon the Dawn Light is enthralled by thoughts behind his musical ideas, the vocals begin with doubting meditations, evolving into troubled and sensual phrases.
The introduction sounds like a bard saga, but then At the Court of the Wild Hunt is carried away in a fast race for obscure goods. Completing these races and tests in the instrumental part, the compositions sum up wise reflections, first wrapped in violin and guitar symphonic motifs, then under a clear and stern march of rhythmic drum beats.
The main part of the album is completed by a gentle ballad A Cloak of Dusk, combining soft female, high male vocals, melodious violin passages and unifying it in lyrical romantism.
The album also has an addition, combining the processing of compositions of previous creations, which the band had a lot. Petalstorm (Bonus Track) starts bonus part energetic power, then turning to folkloric motifs that sounded more modern and soulless than in the main part of the album. Rhythmic march The Open Breach (Bonus Track) examines the opportunities ahead from time to time complementing the drive and bits with symphonic implementations of folklore motifs. The drive wovens together with ancient melodies, combining in Jigsaw Puzzle (2010 Version) as single flow of musical decisions, the vocals complement the sound with sharp nervous cries. The album ends with a sublime and melodic ballad Skywards (2008 Version), in which the vocals appear sporadically, supplementing the soft, glare-free sparkling of the precious motive with the notes of emotions and emotions, together with the chants of singing ladies.