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Sea stories of intrepid pirates can pierce ages

November 13, 2021
Running Wild - Blood on Blood

The title track begins the Running Wild - Blood on Blood album's musical narrative by singing the brotherhood of combat and all-round support for each other. The guitar solo pays the most attention to itself in the sound of the Wings of Fire composition, complementing the significance of the sound of the name in the chorus.
The rhythmic pace of the Say Your Prayers musical procession is complemented by clear and annoying vocal appeals. Ragging and intermittently changing the rhythm, the Diamonds & Pearls song carries away in pursuit of unknown treasures.
The vocal part moves to the forefront of the Wild & Free musical image, dragging along musical passages. Beginning with the charm of acoustic guitar chime, the main motif of the Crossing the Blades composition wraps around the vocal part, captivating to learn impressions of endless wanderings. The One Night, One Day ballad fascinates with a melodic sound and an artistic guitar solo in the instrumental part.
Complementing the sound of the album with echoes of epic sea sagus, The Shellback composition combines a melodic sound with inspired vocals melodies. The musical sound of the Wild, Wild Nights song is persistently, uncompromisingly and persistently promoted, without passing any obstacles and trials. The The Iron Times (1618-1648) saga acts as a separate musical artwork, ending the album with its longest and most versatile composition.