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Sea curses tales will be retold again and again

December 31, 2018
 Ария - Проклятье морей

The degradation of narcissism, the affirmation of the clarity of activity and the futility of narcissism of the Гонка за славой song begins the Ария - Проклятье морей album with a bright and relaxed riot of musical challenges.
Epic narrative and magnificent memories of historical events are intertwined in the Варяг composition, weaving a gloomy sacrament of unforgettable impressions of events that have left an indelible mark in russian history.
Playful sound intertwines in a whirlwind around Эра Люцифера vocal phrases, giving the music shades of fairytale epic and challenging higher forces. In the instrumental bridges the sound is shackled by stringy guitar riffs. These unhurried musical motifs are embodied in the instrumental part, raising to the guitar solo the trends of ancient legends and unspoken premonitions.
Thoughtful narration with a soft accompaniment precedes Трудно быть богом majestic march in which an epic ballad borders on a harsh and dense medium tempo drive rolling in gloomy waves.
Inspirational romanticism of Пусть будет так fascinating ballad prepares for an introduction and a verse for ascension in a sparkling tower of unforgettable impressions, taking away from the disgusting routine into the expanses of unique dreams.
After a brief sigh of introduction Всё начинается там, где кончается ночь continues with the energy of a youth drive, rolling waves of verses, concentrating training in bridges and raising the rock'n'roll banner of choruses.
The inspired passages of the intro complement the encouraging phrases of the vocals, raising the mood of the Живой song to incredible level. But the instrumental bridge transforms music with the twilight of doubts, then shrouding vocal phrases with dark omens and echoes of anxieties and experiences proclaiming the disasters of war. The instrumental part pushes the fear and experience aside, bringing to the forefront of the musical image a soft and romantic guitar solo.
The horror of tyranny, totalitarian terror dismissing individuality and creative thoughts can not only be imposed from outside - but the monstrous dragon that enslaves consciousness can hide in each of us - Убить дракона song calls for the personal destruction of this monster inside yourself.
Continuing the mood of the previous composition, the Дым без огня ballad begins with a gloomy haze of fear and apprehension, raising the sound in the middle of the composition with a wave of inspiration and blessings. However, this seduction is obsession and deception.
After variations of romanticism and fears, the furious drive that embodies the tale of vampire festivities От заката до рассвета continues the album with a rapid musical flow of verses and broken waves of choruses.
Title composition Проклятье морей completes the album, erecting the intrigue of the future epic tale with unhurried vocal speeches, then wrapping the narration with ribbons of folk tones, thus giving a charming atmosphere of ancient legends.