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Scientific discoveries are sometimes shrouded in mysticism

September 16, 2020
Diamond Construct - Event Horizon

The Cryosleep vocals explodes with indelible rage and anger, but then the music brings mystery and mystery, alternating with vocal rage and anger, sometimes combined in a single musical impulse. The Omega Project immediately continues the Diamond Construct - Event Horizon concept album with an angry and unrestrained vocal impulse, then the vocals sometimes combine unrestrained drive and fury with recitative, enveloped in futuristic keyboard impulses.
The progressive artistry of the Feel the Sun (feat. Morgan Dodson) musical variations of the intro is intertwined with vocal unrestraint in anger that brings a deadly drive, but then recedes in front of the dreamy tunes of clean vocals. The Oculus vocal anger intertwines with progressive variations of furious musical drive.
It starts with the combination of a futuristic atmosphere with a vocal recitative the The Complex Thought (feat. CJ McMahon) creates intrigue, then explodes with a furious stream of musical thriller. The Spirit maintains a wave of drive, but combines futuristic echoes of progressive mystery with influences from oriental folklore and romantic echoes of epic omens and clean vocals.
Vocal rage carries the musical drive into a dance of unrestraint and anger, maintaining the Starlight mid-tempo round dance. The final composition of the album Hypernova builds its sound on the alternation of vocal rage with the brooding doubts of clean vocals, creating a suitable musical background for them.