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Satanic warlocks are creating their dark books

February 13, 2022
Mystic Circle, 2022 -  Mystic Circle

The Belial is My Name song starts at once with acknowledgement and explanation of its role, then it soars in a rushing whirlwind of unity of melody and drive, subduing the tempo of sounding by the vocal narration. The Seven Headed Dragon composition continues the musical narration of the Mystic Circle - Mystic Circle album with echoes of mystical mystery of ancient fairy tales and legends, shrouding the vocal narration with twilight covers of musical mystery.
The guitar solo of the Hell Demons Rising intro raises the banners of martial valor, bringing to the sound of the album echoes of knightly sagas and the struggle of heroic warriors with demonic entities. The Letters From The Devil mystical tale enchants with the mystery and mystery of the unity of explosions of furious drive and twilight intrigue in a single musical flow.
The sound of the Darkness in Flames composition brings some echoes of the unity of musical symphony and vocal fury, at times exploding with a rapid whirl of metallic storm. The Arrival of Baphomet mystical saga fascinates with the charm of ancient legends and fairy tales, then rolling out a musical canvas of restrained drive before a vocal procession topped with an enchanting guitar solo.
The dark and mysterious Curse of the Wolf Demon minstrel ballad takes us to the expanse of medieval mysteries, the spells of dark magicians and the unknown knowledge of mysterious black magicians, anticipating a similar ending to the album in its Satanic Mistress final track.