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Santa Muerte not today!

July 23, 2016
Chamber Of Torture - Cadaverous Omen

Everything in life is temporary, be prepared to realize Chamber Of Torture - Cadaverous Omen !
Without undue expectations, the title track Cadaverous Omen opens album for our ears and views. Powerful, dense, malleable and ductile composition. The guitar riff, permeates the track as leitmotif, covering the vocal and rhythmic structure like a blanket.
Dialogue with the doctor serves as the entry for The Riot Of Cadavers. The brief dialogue followed by the immutable and permanent composition, aggressively extends its notes to our minds.
Guitar riffs circling like vortices, declaringAt Dusk I Hunt. Vocal's joining not calms wavy vortices, only sealing their sounds and thickening the composition atmosphere.
Stringy, haunting riff, accompanied by rhythmic vocal narration begins Partial Birth Abortion Rampage. After rigor mortis and inhibited the slowness becomes necessary to sharp movements knead frozen limbs, crushing muck and filth surrounding on all sides! Furious rushes combines into rageful existence!
Thoughtfully and phlegmatic intriguing entry of the Mattok Mauled Priest turns into the narrative at the limit of mean tempo, which continues to break the chains of the shackles, to break free in order to accelerate the pace.
World of of living the wrong place for the Unholy, Undead And Unburied. The slow, harsh and rhythmic narrative is interrupted by the solo bass in the instrumental part, after which in a brief snatch of guitar riffs raising up the pace to finish in the same slow and viscous pace.
Undead continue their obsession, opening it by Skeleton's scream. Carrion nowhere to hurry up - they will never die, because had died already.
Short phrases prepare us for the process When The Dead Rapes A Corpse. followed by a quick and powerful jerk, interrupted by a short phrase to once again carry in a rush - lynch insurgent corpses! And let those who have already become such - tearing similar to pieces!
Shriek marked the beginning of the Severe Necrosis. As much as the undead walks around - it's necessary to all gather of them in one place. To Eliminate! Disembodiment! Remove! Fix that all!