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Saints who are not saints

September 14, 2022
Commoner - I

Viscous, thoughtful and intriguing, the Mutant Resistance instrumental composition begins the musical procession of the Commoner - I album, acting as an introduction to the development of its musical essence in the bewitching charm of the Electric Opiate song, anticipating the introduction of the vocals with a rhythmic march, then crowning its stubborn tread with emotional shades of vocals phrases.
Somewhat distracting from the persistent twilight of the previous musical story, the VVytchlycker twilight anthem rolls in waves of confident embodiment of its significant reverie, combined with confident and impressive vocal tales.
The vocal part comes to the fore in announcing the opening of the Hymn For The Faithless musical artwork, in which the music then accelerates in an insistent flow of restrained drive, combined with the rhythmic notes of a battle march.
Immediately after the introduction, heralding the sound of the main motive, the Saint Tyrant composition stubbornly, immutably and unshakably adheres to the path indicated in it, being somewhat distracted by the charm and romantic chime of acoustic guitar strings, heralding the entry of the N13 / Headwound final saga of the album, embodied in its twilight essence and combining musical epic with vocals emotionality .