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Sadness opens crimson skies

July 15, 2022
September Mourning - Melancholia

Vocals rage begins the Go For The Throat composition with an angry outburst of demonic screaming, then alternating it with the sad pleas of the sad princess, then rolling the musical shaft of the A Place To Call Your Own song with a roll of rhythmic march, embodying the musical essence of the band in the September Mourning - Melancholia album's music with the sad inspiration of a singing lady and bringing oriental motifs into the sounds and combining vocal styles in the further vocal part and ending them with unity in a twilight musical veil. The rhythmic heartbeat of the introduction is transformed into the emotional ascension of the Always romantic ballad.
The premonitions of a singing lady with the chime of bells begin the musical story of the Fallen dark tale, accentuating its name in the chorus, then developing the unity of the gothic atmosphere with the modern musical style in the sound of the Love Is War (Romanticide) composition and marching in leisurely doubts about the intriguing mystery of the Lost Angels song.
Gothic twilight envelops the charming tunes of a singing lady with a haze of ghostly covers, then condensing and giving a rhythmic step to the procession of the Crimson Skies ballad in the chorus. Vocals rebelliousness and musical pulsations combine anger and rage with emotional hopes in the sound of the Seal Your Fate composition, behind which the dark waves of the Beyond The Grave twilight saga roll in and the fascinating musical twilight with the enchanting tunes of the seductive princess in the Last Embrace romantic final of the album.