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Sadness has many appearances

June 30, 2020
Clouds (INT) - DURERE

<p>The acoustic guitar solo continues with a weaving in oppressed despair with saddened tunes of the <b>Cold Guiding Light</b> clean vocals, then
complementing the sound with harsh growling and echoes of symphonic sadness. The saddened despair of clean vocals intertwines with the <b>Empty Hearts</b>
musical grief in a leisurely dance, sometimes growling breaks into the shattering of this musical despair, but the echoes of a sad symphony continue
the <a href=>
Clouds (INT) - DURERE</a> album with an atmosphere of indescribable grief.<br>
Pensive solo piano is supplemented by sophisticated vocal musings, then <b>Images And Memories</b> in the final part hardens sad rhapsody with severe
growling and twilight of musical sadness. The <b>Above The Sea</b> continues a similar musical style, supplementing the musical narrative with deep
growling and rhythmic musical pulsations. In the same manner, the <b>The Sailor Waves Goodbye</b> song begins its musical sound, then crowning the
musical tunes with weeping violin passages.<br>
The violin confession is intertwined with keyboard passages in a brooding lace of <b>A Father's Death</b> intro, beginning the vocal part with cries of
gloomy growling, then only briefly supplementing this combination with a phrase of clean vocals whisper. Entering a violin solo combining wise
thoughtfulness <b>The End Of Hope</b> completes the album, interlacing the leitmotif of the violin sadness with a keyboard symphony and vocal experiences.