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Sadness also has territorial features

May 14, 2020
On Thorns I Lay - Aegean Sorrow

The intriguing narrative of the sage Intro opens the gates of the On Thorns I Lay - Aegean Sorrow album, continuing the manifestation of its musical essence with the title composition, enveloping the harsh phrases of deep growling with a leisurely round dance of mystical guitar riffs full of mysticism, marching with the harsh solemnity of a dark anthem. Erevos continues musical motifs, manifested as the leitmotif of the album, giving the musical sound a more thoughtful style and complementing with shades of romanticism and inspiration.
Wrapping the sparkling ribbon of the musical canvas in a fascinating way around the axis of the main motive In Emerald Eyes song crowns it with the significance of the vocal part in the romanticism of the inspired saga. The next composition consists of dilogy - Olethros part I rolls out at first a harsh canvas of viscous drive, then bringing the vocal part to the front edge of the musical image and softening the sound. Then, the Olethros part II is beginning with the soft tunes of an acoustic guitar like a bard saga, the vocals enter in a mysterious whisper. But, preserving the bewitching melody of the introduction, the music tightens the sound, the vocals are converted into a sonorous growling.
Then The Final Truth symphony begins with the organ's keyboard tunes, the vocal softens the sound at first to dreamy phrases of clean vocals interwoven in a waltz with the tunes of guitar riffs, crowning the musical image with symphonic violin passages. Starting with soft tenderness of chime of acoustic guitar strings A Sign of Sadness creates an atmosphere of intriguing mystery, enveloping in a mystical haze the muffled reflections of clean vocals. Skotos completes the album with an instrumental saga, bringing to the forefront the sound of a keyboard suite.