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Sad thoughts elevate thoughts above ordinary

August 14, 2020
Vestal Claret - Vestal Claret

Sad romanticism of the Empty song, enveloping the vocal part, combining male and female vocals with twilight veils of obscure sadness. Dispelling sadness, the Graey track continues the Vestal Claret - Vestal Claret album's musical narration with an epic saga, alternating male and female vocals. The Shadows brings the emotional desperation of the vocals to the fore with melodic guitar passages.
Complementing the epic shades with the influence of folklore stylistics, the Sorrow seems to transfer to the mystical expanses of medieval minstrel ballads and bardic tales. Viscous Burn song's guitar passages expand the stylistic boundaries of the album, bringing stoner metal shades to its sound. Twisting the enchanting lace of a guitar solo into the sound of intro, the Abandoned walks with the soft tread of a sad ballad.
The bells ringing anticipates the Melancholia doomed tread of incredible sadness, combining vocal despair with leisurely keyboard passages. Consolidating the sound of the musical narrative the Edges of Sanity weaves them in a dance with vocal despair. The guitar solo of the introduction sets the main motive of the final composition of the album Devils Dust, entwining the musical passages with deep reflections of the vocal duet.