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Sacraments are not known to all

February 11, 2019
Eskhaton - Omegalitheos

Thunder, distant echoes of rituals and the spirit of ghostly appeals invoke Relic Of Mictlantecuhtliritual led by a shaman and beginning the Eskhaton - Omegalitheos album with his appeals.
Continuing the concept album, Serpentity compresses the sound under vocal phrases, exploding with unrestrained swiftness in instrumental bridges and choruses, combining musical diversity.
The gloomy Elu Azag proclamations appears as an introduction for the Inverterror composition, continuing the album with furious influences of a gloomy drive. The musical veil is hardened, vocals complement the music canopy with their phrases. Omegalitheos continues incredible bitterness, but accelerates the acceleration is dark, returning to the average tempo in vocal phrases.
The noise of the wind and the blade of the symphony that appears as the leitmotif of the album pierce the Abyss Unknown narration. Culthulhunatic continues this story with a hardened musical twilight wrapping its vocal phrases in a tunnel of dark whirlwinds.
The pulsating noise implies a lot, but rises in the Nusku Etu Genii solemn march, anticipating in the swift passages the subsequent composition, carried off by the Omnilify stream of impetuous drive into the twilight limits.
Keeping the epic, Subvoidal raises the solemnity of the narrative above all, weaving restlessness and drive with epic fabulousness. Blasphemartyr continues the story, but bringing up the swiftness and drive to the forefront of the musical image.
Hardening and transforming rhythmics Intramort seeks to indicate changes, but Numina Moribundus stirs thoughts and feelings with musical transformations, anticipating the conceptual album's final with the Kimah Kalu Ultu Ulla composition.