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Rust will not dare to spoil that kind of metal

March 09, 2016
Rust will not dare to spoil that kind of metal

At the beginning blows can be heard, as if something huge'n'mighty knocks the gate out. Demons? 

Noup, thats Primal Fear - Rulebreaker.
Next, turn on the volume - heavy metal starts to entrain and enslave all around. First track Angels Of Mercy mid-tempo and encourage to listen next songs. The apocalyptic mood, expectations of imminent is described in the next track - The End Is Near. Another song adjusts expectations for future affairs, that will be soon.
Soon will be necessary to adopt to Bullets & Tears that will surround everywhere. The main motive sounds throughout all composition. We need to change something in the world. Anyone and everyone.
But who can do that? Just Rulebreaker - rebel that rise up against the system, hell on wheels and ineradicable spirit of liberty. Next for rebellion followed awaited by many fans power metal In Metal We Trust - for those who believe in the metal. The ticking clock, musical box melody - what will happen then?
Metal adepts says that "We Walk Without Fear", after a powerful and drivin' entry - though sad, lyrical ballad sounds. But then - again the power and drive, followed by a lyrical sad monologue, a ticking clock and a mechanical doll. The melodic guitar part and then a combination of all of the above...musical box and the clock ticking ends this track.
After choppy and variable song should be a reminder - No Retreat, No Surrender, you're At War With The World! But maybe all those around are not to blame their own failures, errors or inability to change the world? Metal ballad The Devil In Me shows that point of view - demon squad don't want to destrtoy the world.
Don't want to destroy - have to save it. From who? From all - "organic war machines" they have to defeat with their Constant heart first. Lyrically melancholic start, means the protagonist apologizes to God - The Sky Is Burning, and he's singing about it! Ballad with a hidden meaning, not otherwise. Fans waited for power metal hysterical screech ?! Wanted - got it, Raving Mad the battle continues and always will be, as this track tells!
Maybe not all adepts of metal regrets that demons do not take them in their squad?
There's another release, complete with a couple of bonuses - Primal Fear - Rulebreaker (Japan Edition).