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Rushing into battle without fear and regret

May 06, 2021
Void Vator - Stranded

The Put Away Wet begins the musical development of the Void Vator - Stranded album's ideas by combining the unbridled drive of guitar riffs with vocal fury. Somewhat restraining the swiftness of the musical tempo, the Toxic Waste composition thickens it, driving in the echoes of battle marches, giving the music a more rhythmic structure.
The Nothing To Lose song cakes vocal harmony and melodic passages to the extreme that are led up by a raspier delivery. This combo is pretty great, and the booming intro to this song kicks it off with a lot of momentum. Lightening the musical sound, the Inside Out composition complements the musical image with vocal dreaminess. The Everything Sucks introduction wraps around the listener with the gloomy echoes of ancient prophecies, rolling ghostly warriors in march, but before the fierce vocals begin, the musical canvas rushes in a swift assault through the twilight haze.
Record closer Come To Hand has the tightest songwriting of the whole bunch, and the drums on this contain the best kicks. Hell, the entire rhythm section behind the chorus is stellar within itself. The title track Stranded captivates with an artistic interweaving of musical and vocals variations, creating a captivating musical atmosphere. The Monster song puts the final point of the release, hammering in with the furious drum roll of the introduction the confidence of being ready for the coming battles.