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Romanticism and feelings are always captivating

August 14, 2020
Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot

Repeating the title over and over again in the background, the Will-O-The-Wisp begins the Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot (CD 1) album with inspired vocal tunes, complementing them with the instrumental charm of the finale of the bars. The singing of birds anticipates the romantic charm of the You Are the One inspiring ballad.
Returning to dance fun, the Happy People complements variations of song romanticism with background reflections. Bringing a ballad vibe with vocal part the Dreamland complements it with mid-tempo pulsations of the musical sound. Complementing the vocal charm of a romantic ballad with soft musical sound, the Hoping for a Miracle carries the listener into dreamy expanses.
Bringing the vocals to the forefront of the musical image, the I Don't Wanna complements the phrases with pulsating rhythm and lace of keyboards artistry. A whirlwind of dance motifs brings some lounge echoes to the sound and complements the vocal phrases with female vocals in the background, repeating the Monkey Business song title over and over again.
The newly inspired romance of musical passages intertwines in the Only the Dark mesmerizing waltz with vocal phrases. The chime of the guitar strings diversifies the romanticism of the Burning the Heather ballad sound. The Wedding in Berlin romance concludes the album, complementing the sound with fragments of Mendelssohn's march.
This release contains another Pet Shop Boys - Hotspot (CD 2) disc focused on the sound of instrumental compositions.