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Rolling, rolling into the Hellfire

May 26, 2023
Vomitory (SWE) - All Heads Are Gonna Roll

The title track begins the musical narrative of the Vomitory (SWE) - All Heads Are Gonna Roll album with a deadly dance, twisting a fierce rock and roll dance rage that continues in the even more vicious and furious dance of the Decrowned composition.
After a brief introduction, a vocal growl leads the musical procession of the Ode to the Meat Saw song, bringing energetic motifs to the bridges and choruses, then rolling in waves of twilight drive in the accelerated sound of the The Deepest Tomb musical thriller.
The guitar solo of the intro begins to roll out the musical canvas, about which the vocal part of the Piece by Stinking Piece song then marches, stubbornly achieving the chosen and set goals, soaring in the sparkling brightness of the Raped, Strangled, Sodomized, Dead deadly dance, intriguing with mystery before the introduction of the vocals, but then dragging the listener into the twilight atmosphere of this mysterious story. The Dead Man Stalking dense and gloomy march in the introduction rolls in waves of thought, which are then crowned with vocals phrases.
Soaring in an accelerated race of musical impatience, the Disciples of the Damned composition twists guitar threads around vocals anger, enchanting the guitar solos of instrumental bridges, then combines music and vocals in a joint musical whirlwind of the Dead World song. The mysterious intrigue of the introduction of the Beg for Death final track of the album ends with the sound of a flying plane, foreshadowing further twilight mystery.