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Rocks and forests on the background, sea spirits on the fore

December 01, 2017
Norrsinnt - Dеvahugg

Northern winds are pierced by frost, severe faces of icy rocks and gloomy virgin bays of fjords envelop us with melodic motives of Vikings in Norrsinnt - Dеvahugg album.
Solemn and proudly sounding Kraftpunkt begins this collection of northern sagas, the vocal clearly dominates the musical image from the begining, the wave of drive completes the composition.
The notes of thoughtful sadness unites in Vagen song, preparing distant wanderings, unhuriedly and concentrated gathering pacages for the long-long way.
A leisurely and profound instrumental saga Rotter envelops a dense, gloomy fog of the main motive, which is pierced through solitary instruments by its brooding parts.
Complementing the folklore motives by the severe drive of modern instruments and continuing the style of the previous composition, Djupt jer morkre complements tis legend with vocal broadcasting and significantly compacting the rhythmic component.
A thoughtful instrumental composition Skogstjarnen combines folkloric melodies in the progressive musical image. Continues the sound of the album, Forkunnelser presented the main motive in the leisurely diverse instrumental processing, then the vocal is connected to this tale, first with vocalizations, without words, closer to the end already completing his legend, but the vocalysis still predominates.
As before the previous track instrumental tale sounded, so in the aftermath we listen to Skogsgomd without any word. Here the melodies are not so complicated and ragged, but captivates the mind and will with its stubborn sounding.
Thoughtful Tiden gar melodies are rolling up by gloomy doubts, waves of questions and aspirations sweeping through the surrounding forests and hills, intersecting with sea-breakers in the battle of elements. In conclusion, the music turns from anxious anticipations into a proud ballad.
Significant solemnity is indicates in the Slutet introduction, then develops into an unshakable confidence in the power of the elements, giving sacrifices for the gods, glorifying them always and everywhere. The album ends by composition named as the first one - Kraftpunkt (Pagan Ritual version), but in a slightly different rendering - like priests spend mysterious ritual dances around sacred stones..